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During the month of February, in full dry season in Panama, in the City of Las Tablas the most imposing and important “carnavales” of the City of Panama, are celebrated. It consists of four days with music, dances, fireworks, floats… when the natives and visitors joyfully go out in the streets to celebrate the most important holiday in our Country.

Holy Week 
Full of traditions and religious fervor, the City of Las Tablas maintains religious traditions that arrived with the first Spaniards. The processions begin on Holy Thursday and terminate with the procession of Holy Friday, where the flowers and beautiful arrangements adorn such important holiday.
On Saturday, different traditional activities are carried out, such as sale of typical food and dances.
The Azuero Fair
The provinces of Los Santos y Herrera are the main agricultural and livestock producers of Panama. For this reason at the end of the month of April, The Azuero International Fair is celebrated, a place where you will find livestock and farming and animal husbandry exhibits, dog shows, equestrian competitions and sale of handicrafts. Furthermore, there is entertainment for all the family with mechanical rides and music presentations, and large platform stages for shows.
Santa Librada Festivities and the “Pollera” Festival 
The patron saint of all “santeños” is Santa Librada, and in our City, on the 20th of July, with joy and processions this religious holiday is celebrated.
Likewise, bull rodeos are celebrated as well as presentations of Panamanian traditional music, with the best musicians/singers exponents of our country.
Also, on this date, the “Pollera” Festival is celebrated, whereat women of all the country compete to display and choose the best pollera, the women’s national costume of Panama.
The Mejorana Festival
One of the most important festivals of the Panamanian Traditional Music is celebrated in the City of Guararé, a few minutes ride from Las Tablas. In this festival different Panamanian Traditional Dance groups are presented in platform stages in order to receive the diferente awards that are given in this Festival.
On the last Sunday of the holidays the celebration consists of the traditional parade of “carretas” which pulled by team of oxen take women dressed up in the Panamanian traditional costume or others that portray our customs and folklore, throughout the City of Guararé,
Año Nuevo 
The beginning of the “Carnaval”, as mentioned before as the greatest festivities in Panama, originates on the New Year. The 1st day of each year, at 12:30 a.m., both “tunas” (competitive groups known as “Calle Abajo” and “Calle Arriba”, come out with the purpose of portraying what the “Carnaval” is going to be in the coming year and festivities.
It is a special date to begin the new year, joyfully and participating in the celebrations with the people of Las Tablas.
Beaches and Fishing
Las Tablas is 5 minutes from the beaches of La Colorada, Las Comadres, el Jobo, los Esteros, Boca la Laja, Uveritos and the Mensabe port. Likewise, about 30 minutes from the beaches such as La Candelaria, la Yeguada, Mariabe, El Areanal, El Toro, El Lagarto and others..
Our beaches are full of adventures and especially for sport fishing. Such as el Peñón de la Honda, Los Frailes and Iguana Island.
Museos y Monumentos
Los Santos is the cradle of colonial traditions, and for this reason you will find monuments and museums as the museums Belisario Porras, Manuel F. Zarate, the Pausilipo, Santa Librada and San Bernardo churches, among other sites of interest.
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